Wednesday, January 8, 2014

THM Yogurt Mold – FP

I had another recipe idea buzzing around in my head last night and was determined to put it to fruition this morning. This time, I actually remembered to take measurements so I could share it. It is Oh, so YUMMY!!! This recipe is in "Ultimate FP-ness land". In fact, you could eat the entire recipe if you can fit it all in your tummy! Your waistline and your joints will even thank you. ...

Yogurt Mold – FP

2 envelopes of Knox Original gelatin ~ unflavored
2 c. boiling water
1 c. frozen or fresh whole strawberries
1 c. 0% Plain Greek Yogurt
½ t. strawberry flavoring/extract
½ t. vanilla
Sweetener to taste (I use KAL Pure Stevia extract. I found it just right at 2 of the tiny scoops plus an extra dash)

Whisk the gelatin with the boiling water until dissolved. Refrigerate until slightly gelled, but not set. Puree strawberries. Put slightly gelled gelatin, strawberries, yogurt, extracts, & sweetener into a mixing bowl and whisk with electric mixer until fluffy and well combined. The more you whip, the fluffier it will end up. I whipped it for probably 5 minutes. Pour into mold. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Dip the bottom of mold into hot water for just a few seconds and invert onto serving dish. Keep chilled.

If you can’t be bothered with the mold, simply pour the whipped mixture into a nice glass serving bowl. It will be beautiful, easy to spoon out, and much easier to store. If you’d like to make it extra beautiful, decorate with a couple fresh strawberries on top.

The options for this are limitless. You could use about any berry, or even make it chocolate. You can make changes that send this into E zone or S zone depending on what you put in it. I hope you all have fun with this one!



  1. oh my goodness! That looks so yummy!

  2. My hubby and guests loved this recipe and I will keep and use again