Thursday, April 10, 2014

Totally Satisfying Pork Roll - S

I have been royally craving heavy S meals this week!  It's been crazy!  Thus, the choco-pb recipes I've been posting this week.  ;) 

I totally go by my has been what has kept me on THM for over 7 months now....and too happy to do anything differently.  ;)  Sometimes I crave lighter things.....that is just NOT the case this week.  I had been on a stall for a few months, then have lost for the past 3 weeks.  My body must be hollering "FEED ME FAT!"....and I'm hearing it loud and clear!  :D  Yes.....I've put some E's in my week even though I've been craving S's. 

Anyway.....blah blah blah to the good stuff!  HELLO most amazingly tasty pork roll I have ever made! 

Inside the roll is sea salt, ground pepper, garlic, thyme, and sharp cheddar.  OH MY!!!  Best combo I've had for a pork loin!  Try it!!!!!  Sooooooo good!!! to my fridge to sneak a post-dinner piece of my Skinny Mr. Goodbar.  :D
Seriously, THM totally rocks!!!!!!!!

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